Friday, February 10, 2012


Either in the land of the foodies, or when dealing with insurance, the power of the recommendation is an amazing thing. Many of my clients come to me via referral, and I'd imagine that the same can be said for any given restaurant. Sure, clients come about by other means as well, just as folks will occasionally wander off the street into a restaurant, but it's not nearly as likely.

So, I come to you with a request: recommendations. Sure, if you happen to be a client of mine, I always appreciate if you send someone my way, but what I'm really looking for here is a food recommendation or two.

Here's the situation: date night Friday has become a weekly deal with my fiancee. I happen to love it, because on top of spending some quality time with her, it gives us a chance to try out new places around town. Our goal is to avoid repeats if we can.

So here's what I'm looking for! Any restaurant in the Sacramento that you feel would be date night worthy. We're open to the whole gambit of things, be they dressy, hipster, dive-y... pretty much anything you can imagine. I think we just want the food to be awesome. Recent trips have taken us to Selland's Market, the Magpie Cafe, the Shoki Ramen House and Paragary's, if you need an idea of what we like.

Heck, if anyone is super-fast, I'd even appreciate a recommendation for this evening!


Lisa Palmer said...

You can try that new Republic place. They're partnered with Drewski's and while you can find the standard Drewski's fare, there's some new things on the menu. Looks pretty tasty, though they may be crowded since they just opened.

If you want divey, there's always the Flaming Grill! Had a delicious kangaroo burger there just last night!

Lisa Palmer said...
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Susan said...

Hubby and I love Ten22 in Old Sac. frequently you can get dining discounts if you have tickets to a show nearby (check site for details! lol!). Have you tried Firebirds in Carmichael? Seriously tasty Russian food! I need to get there for the lunch buffet. We always order the mashed potato and mushroom vareniki as an appetizer. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Oh, and TOTALLY reccomend the berry milfay napoleon for dessert. be romantic and is plenty big enough for two!